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Deeds Desperate Invocation BBA Imperial Stout 440ml Can

Deeds Desperate Invocation BBA Imperial Stout 440ml Can

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Your wakefulness outlasted the fire and now the deep, cold night has come. After a blind stumble and no shelter found, you drop to your knees howling a desperate invocation. Begging, bartering, and bellowing to anyone or anything that can hear, or listen. As the frost creeps towards your lungs, you see a shimmer. Has something answered your call? Wiping away the sleet, your eyes narrow. It looks like…

This bourbon barrel aged imperial stout was blended from 16 handpicked barrels and conditioned on vanilla beans and toasted coconut. Look for oak, chocolate, vanilla, coconut, and of course that sweet, sweet bourbon.

ABV: 14.9%

Style: Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout (BBA Imperial Stout)

Volume: 440ml

Brewery: Deeds Brewing


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