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2022 Gaja Ca'Marcanda Vistamare Vermentino Toscana IGT 750ml

2022 Gaja Ca'Marcanda Vistamare Vermentino Toscana IGT 750ml

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Introducing Gaja Ca’Marcanda Vistamare 2022, a masterful blend of Vermentino and Viognier grapes crafted by the renowned Angelo Gaja. This wine is a harmonious symphony of flavors, expertly guided by the consulting winemaker’s touch. The result is a true testament to Gaja’s winemaking legacy.

On the eye, the Vistamare 2022 displays a pale, golden hue that glistens in the light, inviting anticipation of its sensory journey. The bouquet captivates with a dance of aromas – the fresh and herbaceous essence of Vermentino intertwines elegantly with the intricate layers of Viognier’s complexity. Fiano lends a floral and balsamic note to the ensemble.

Upon the first sip, the palate is greeted by a melody of flavors that unfold gracefully. The generous presence of ripe peach and apricot is interwoven with the subtle undertone of sage, creating a dynamic interplay between fruit and herbal notes. As the wine lingers on the tongue, a hint of the sea breeze emerges, reminiscent of its coastal origins.

Gaja Ca’Marcanda Vistamare 2022 has garnered critical acclaim, with scores that reflect its excellence. This wine’s symphonic fusion of Vermentino, Viognier, and Fiano has earned it praise from critics, a testimony to its balanced freshness, rounded structure, and lasting finish.

Indulge in a bottle of Gaja Ca’Marcanda Vistamare 2022 to experience the culmination of Angelo Gaja’s craftsmanship, where the terroir’s essence is artfully captured in each sip, making it a true embodiment of Italian winemaking finesse.

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