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Talisker x Parley Wilder Seas 700ml

Talisker x Parley Wilder Seas 700ml

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This is pure Talisker, with added dried fruitiness from a luxury finish in XO Cognac casks. Don’t miss this luscious limited edition single malt: a collector’s must-have and a whisky lover’s indulgence.

This is the first time in Talisker’s history they’ve finished a single malt in XO Cognac casks. Not only that, it’s also the first to be bottled in 100% recycled biofuel powered glass, which is adorned with a eye-catching ceramic decoration depicting the topographical lines of Skye’s coastline. This innovative and rare packaging from Talisker reflects their partnership with Parley for the Oceans in an effort to safeguard the seas' unique ecosystems (for every bottle sold, Talisker are donating £3 to the charity).

We’ve been swept away by how luscious this whisky is, with its waves of salt, spice and soft peat â€?but don’t just take our word for it. World-leading whisky writer and critic, Charles Maclean MBE, puts it in a nutshell: “A rich, complex and tightly integrated aroma and a taste which is pure Talisker, with added dried fruitinessâ€?

If you know Talisker then you’ll no doubt be fond of their gorgeously earthy and viscous malts that have led them to the cult status they are today. An opulent finish in French XO Cognac casks has layered this lightly peated dram with notes of charred orange, sticky butterscotch, as well as dried apple and apricot, creating a whisky experience you won’t be able to forget.


A glorious, shining deep amber with reddish lights. The rich colour of rosewood or a freshly opened horse chestnut.


Medium to full.


Mild and dry in feel, yet rich overall. Tight-packed top notes of fruit and malt suggest malt bread with sultanas, dates and dried figs. Beneath them, a light mineral hint of chalk leads into rousing maritime notes of brine, salt crystals and ship’s rails in a high sea, all on a lightly fruity, winey base, with a hint of pipe tobacco. Adding a little water brings up a smoky note.


The creamy-smooth mouthfeel introduces a big taste that starts richly sweet then quickly becomes salty, smoky and fruity, with lush, sweet hints of sultana and fig mid-palate wrapped in rising peppery spice and smokiness. Rich and intense at natural strength, it becomes slightly sweeter, fruitier (suggesting ripe figs again) and spicier if water is added.


Long, warming and lightly drying, with a familiar late peppery catch and a most appealing smoky-fruity aftertaste.

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