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Sekaiitto Wakanomegumi Umeshu Yura Lemon 8% 720ml

Sekaiitto Wakanomegumi Umeshu Yura Lemon 8% 720ml

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This summery sipper is brewed in the Ryujin village of the Wakayama prefecture, a village that is world-renowned for this style of sake. A high-quality citron sake, it is deliciously infused with lemon juice to bring about a natural sweet and sour citrus flavor. Refreshing and crisp, it is best enjoyed in a glass with ice as an aperitif. This tasty sipper will give any limoncello a run for its money. 

The Specs

Brewery: Sekaiitto
Region: Wakayama
Classification: Liqueur
%ALC/VOL: 8%
Description: UMESHU (PLUM)
Net Volume: 720ml


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