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Patrick of Coonawarra

Patrick Chook Shed Rare Tawny 350ml

Patrick Chook Shed Rare Tawny 350ml

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"A fine example of what quality and age can deliver.”

Twelve barrels of this ‘liquid gold’ followed Pat throughout his career from the Barossa to Coonawarra. They came to rest in a small, dark building next to the chook shed near the Tocaciu family home in Coonawarra.

Over the next 20 years, the wine achieved cult status among Pat’s friends, colleagues and extended network. Siphoned from one of those barrels into the nearest available empty bottle at the end of the night, a smiling Pat could be heard saying “You must try my Chook Shed Port.” 



TASTING NOTE: This Rare Tawny is a fine example of what quality and age can deliver. A blend with an average age of over 50 years, it has an aromatic spice, with dried fruit, candied fig and roasted nuts on the finish. The palate is long, brooding and intense. The dried citrus is perfectly balanced with the hint of caramel and brown sugar and distinct aged character that a Rare Tawny in known for. A treat for the senses and the ideal finish to a great evening with close friends. Once you’ve tried it, you will know the magic and allure of the Chook Shed Port.

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