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Mountain Culture

Mountain Culture Shimmer Aus Sparkling Ale 500ml Can

Mountain Culture Shimmer Aus Sparkling Ale 500ml Can

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Our second collaboration beer without Mancunian (people from Manchester) mates at Track Brewing in the UK which was first, probably jokingly, pitched between belting out bangers at a small karaoke bar in a small town on the US West Coast.

This nostalgia inducing Australian Sparkling Ale will transport you directly to a freshly cut lawn under the hills hoist which is ready for a day of backyard cricket played in singlets and thongs with the smell of sizzling sausages wafting from the BBQ.

Being Australia’s only native beer style, it’s golden yellow in appearance with high carbonation (leading to the term Sparkling). With earthy, herbal aromas that may also include fruity esters, and a malty flavour and some hoppiness, medium bitterness with a dry finish.

You know, perfect for those unique Australian summers.

ABV: 5.2%

Style: Australian Sparkling Ale 

Volume: 500ml 

Brewery: Mountain Culture 

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