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Ichiro's Malt & Grain World Blended Whisky 700ml

Ichiro's Malt & Grain World Blended Whisky 700ml

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As it says on the back label, this is designed to represent the world of Whisky, with the blending components sourced from England, Canada, the United States, Ireland and Scotland. The source material is a closely guarded secret but is believed to contain around 30% malt and 70% grain, the majority unpeated, with an average age of 10 years (the oldest stocks are up to 20 years of age). Each of the sourced world Whiskies are aged between three and 20 years in their countries of origin before being brought to Chichibu for 2- 3 years of additional aging. Each batch only runs to about 3500 bottles from around 100 casks. The batches are married in Mizunara Oak tanks, with a nod to the solera system (a portion from the previous batch is always retained for consistency). Each batch will vary slightly but expect a genuine appreciation of the grain characters to provide a dominant rye note to the nose, with definitive Sherry cask spice and a touch of peat. There's plenty of warm spicy kick on the palate, with banana bread and fruity undertones painted across the background with shades of apricot, orange and peach. The peat is evident again on the finish, with a gentle medicinal tang rather than a smoky hit. Bottled without additives or colouring. This is a deep, sophisticated and nuanced introduction to one of the more fascinating distilleries on the planet.

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