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Hop Nation x Wildflower Dry Stout 440ml Can

Hop Nation x Wildflower Dry Stout 440ml Can

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Paying homage to the the world's most famous Dry Irish Stout, and the evolution of that style through history, Us was conceptualised to represent a significant time in the history of it's production, while simultaneously showcasing the DNA of makes us (both Wildflower and Hop Nation), Us.

Although strewed in mystery, there is enough historical data to generate a sound picture of the evolution of Stout, and the sub category of Dry Irish Stout that led our interpretation of what would have been made between 1820 and 1950. During this time, it was a known practice to blend a portion of (likely acidic) aged beer into a stout, a practice known as vatting.

Wildflower, being a producer of complex, aged beer allowed us to utilise Topher's most recent blend of 'Amber' as our 'vatted' portion, then blended with the Dry Irish Stout we brewed together.

Us is a dark black beer, with deep mahogany highlights, a dense foamy head, intense roast and coffee aromatics, a smooth creaminess and a firm bitterness complimenting a dry residual sweetness.

Two breweries, with two stories, and a lot of passionate people that work and develop these unique stories - Us is our best effort to synergise our brands and share with you what is Us.

ABV: 4.2%

Style: Stout

Volume: 440ml 

Brewery: Hop Nation & Wildflower

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