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Craft Republic Liquor

Deeds Touch On Grapefruit IPA 440ml Can

Deeds Touch On Grapefruit IPA 440ml Can

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It starts off as a powerwalk, but as the 19:52 tram to Zest Coast approaches, you break into a sprint. People glare from the window as you leap on, red faced and panting. You fumble in your pocket for the right card. Touch on. Take no shame in wanting to arrive on time; that's right stare into the other passengers’ eyes. You find a seat at the back. You've made it. Last stop, Flavour Town. 

This Grapefruit IPA provides nostalgic vibes, bursting with tangy citrus notes and a crisp bitterness to finish, that leaves you wanting just one more sip…

ABV: 7.2%

Style: IPA 

Volume: 440ml 

Brewery: Deeds


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