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Deeds Brewing

Deeds Supermassive Black Hole Pastry Imp Stout 440ml Can

Deeds Supermassive Black Hole Pastry Imp Stout 440ml Can

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We wanted to make a big and bold pastry stout. One bigger than we have ever attempted before. Large amounts of sugar extracted and condensed from multiple small runs of this beer allowed us to combine them together alongside cocoa and almonds to produce this singularity. Since we were going to name the beer after a mass that even light cannot even escape we decided that the galaxy surrounding it would be a fitting flavour for the pastry aspect of it. So what better sweet treat than a milky way chocolate bar. I worked closely with our lead brewer Emily Usher to ensure that we could deliver a beer worthy of, if not eclipsing other giant pastry stouts we have created in the past

ABV: 12%

Style: Imperial Pastry Stout 

Volume: 440ml 

Brewery: Deeds




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